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International Orders and Shipping
Customs, Taxes, and Other Charges: All Shipments to addresses outside the United States are generally subject to duties, taxes (such as VAT), and other charges, as determined by the local jurisdiction. Please be advised that the customer is responsible for any and all of these charges and they will be in addition to the purchase price. Also, in the event there are customs charges assigned to your package, you must pay for any associated import taxes as well, including VAT and duties, required by your country's governmental regulations. To learn more, please contact your local customs office for further information. Your package will include a copy of your invoice, and the customs office will determine any applicable fees. 
For more information on international shipping, see the CBP website: http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/trade/trade_outreach/diduknow.xml
Country Insurance Limit Country
Country Insurance Limit
AG Antigua and Barbudo $25,000.00 IT Italy $10,000.00
AI Anguilla $25,000.00 JM Jamaica $50,000.00
AN Netherlands Antilles $50,000.00 JO Jordan $10,000.00
AT Austria $50,000.00 JP Japan $50,000.00
AU Australia $50,000.00 KN St. Kitts and Nevis $50,000.00
AW Aruba $15,000.00 KR South Korea $50,000.00
BB Barbados $50,000.00 KY Cayman Islands $50,000.00
BE Belgium $50,000.00 LC St. Lucia $25,000.00
BH Bahrain $50,000.00 MC Monaco $10,000.00
BM Bermuda $50,000.00 MH Marshall Islands $50,000.00
BN Brunei $50,000.00 MO Macau $50,000.00
BQ Bonaire $50,000.00 MP Saipan $25,000.00
BS Bahamas $50,000.00 MS Montserrat $50,000.00
BZ Belize $10,000.00 MU Mauritius $10,000.00
CA Canada $50,000.00 MY Malaysia $50,000.00
CH Switzerland $50,000.00 NL Netherlands $50,000.00
CN China $50,000.00 NO Norway $50,000.00
CW Curacao $50,000.00 NZ New Zealand $50,000.00
CY Cyprus $25,000.00 PF French Polynesia $25,000.00
DE Germany $50,000.00 PG Papua New Guinea $10,000.00
DK Denmark $50,000.00 PH Philippines $15,000.00
DM Dominica $10,000.00 PL Poland $25,000.00
ES Spain $50,000.00 PR Puerto Rico $50,000.00
FI Finland $50,000.00 PT Portugal $50,000.00
FJ Fiji $25,000.00 QA Qatar $50,000.00
FO Faroe Islands $50,000.00 SA Saudi Arabiia $50,000.00
FR France $50,000.00 SC Seychelles $50,000.00
GB Scotland $25,000.00 SE Sweden $50,000.00
GB United Kingdom $25,000.00 SG Singapore $50,000.00
GD Grenada $25,000.00 SX Saint Maarten $50,000.00
GI Gibraltar $50,000.00 TC Turks and Caicos Islands $50,000.00
GL Greenland $50,000.00 TH Thailand $10,000.00
GP St. Barthelemy $50,000.00 TT Trinidad and Tobago $50,000.00
GR Greece $25,000.00 TW Taiwan $50,000.00
GU Guam $50,000.00 VC St. Vincent and the Grenadine $25,000.00
HK Hong Kong $50,000.00 VG British Virgin Islands $50,000.00
IE Ireland $50,000.00 VI U.S. Virgin Islands $50,000.00
IS Iceland $25,000.00 VN Vietnam $25,000.00
Don't see your country code or insurance limit? Please contact us by calling toll free 1-877-277-4516. You can also reach us by sending us an email to support@sybir.com.
Important Notice regarding importation into the United States of Rolex watches
Sybir cannot arrange for the delivery of Rolex watches to the United States because U.S. laws restricts the import of Rolex watches. The buyer or a designated agent may collect the property in the country of sale. As such, all International Sales are final. Due to Bank credit card requirements, we can only accept wire transfers or PayPal on all international orders.